Melbourne based electronic pop all-rounder, Maribelle is excited to share her debut EP Overtake, out 2nd September. Having already gained support from the likes of Mad Decent recruit Djemba Djemba, Australian hyped duo Carmada and LA pair Penthouse Penthouse, the 20 year old singer, songwriter and producer is set to have a break out year. Having spent the past few years cutting test vocals, writing songs and collaborating with some big name artists as well as overseeing her own publishing company, Defs Not, and Crush Club, a label dedicated to showcasing the new class of electronic pop talent, this twenty year old is definitely not short of experience. After a string of collaborations, including a feature on Carmada hit track “On Fire”, its now time for Maribelle’s own music to be heard through her new EP, which sees Djemba Djemba produce three of its tracks. With a shared desire to push the pop envelope, Djemba Djemba brought his experimental edge to their sessions, matching Maribelle’s voice with his signature offbeat production. Meanwhile, back in Melbourne, celebrated producer Styalz Fuego lent his streamlined touch to “Can’t Stay Cold” and “Say It For Me” (co-produced by Nic Martin), with both tracks expertly angled at crossover radio play. Now, with Overtake ready to be released, Maribelle is looking toward her next moves and in the meantime, she’ll continue making music and juggling Crush Club and Defs Not. Whatever the future holds,Maribelle is sure of one thing: “It’s going to be all about the music”. Maribelle’s Overtake EP is out now.